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Cosan S.A. has solid and diversified operations in the energy sector, with companies specialized in fuel distribution, production of sugar, ethanol, electricity, and distribution of natural gas and lubricants. Below, Cosan S.A.’s companies and their areas of operation:


A joint venture of Cosan and Shell, Raízen is Brazil’s fourth-largest company by revenue, Brazil’s second-largest fuel distribution company, a leading manufacturer of sugarcane ethanol in Brazil and the largest individual sugar exporter in the global market.

Raízen Combustíveis

  • Around 7,300 fuel distribution service stations
  • More than 3,300 B2B customers
  • 1,000 convenience stores operating under the Shell Select brand
  • 4 OXXO stores
  • 65 distribution terminals
  • 66 airports in the aviation fuel business
  • refinery

Fuel distribution and trading: an integrated logistics operation runs a wide fuel distribution network in different modes to serve industrial, aviation and retail customers throughout the Brazilian states.

Retail: we sell Shell-branded fuel in more than 6,400 services stations throughout the country.

B2B: we serve companies in various segments – cargo and passenger transportation, agriculture, mining, railway and industrial – and we invest in tools and fleet control to ensure intelligent management and integrated solutions for our customers.

Aviation: we supply the main airlines in the country’s airports with the quality and excellence of Shell and Shell Aeroclass brands.

Argentina: Raízen Combustíveis recently acquired Shell’s assets in Argentina. This brand has the industry’s second-highest market share in Argentina, with over 650 fuel stations and sales volume of 6 billion liters of fuel/year.

Raízen Energia

  • Crushing capacity of 73 million tons of sugarcane in 26 mills
  • Production of 3.8 million tons of sugar and over 2.5 billion liters of ethanol/year
  • 1 GW of installed capacity of electricity produced from sugarcane bagasse

Sugar: we are the largest individual exporter of the product, and we have achieved a prominent position in the development of Very High Polarization (VHP) sugar and the production of organic and liquid sugar.

Ethanol: our product is generated from sugarcane, and is used in fuel, perfumes, beverages, paints, chemicals and plastics. We are also one of the first Brazilian companies to engage in commercial-scale production of ethanol using Second-Generation Ethanol (E2G), a competitive solution to meet a growing demand for biofuel in Brazil and worldwide.

Bioenergy: sugarcane byproducts are also the raw material for generating bioelectricity, an alternative for Brazil’s energy sector. The reuse of biomass (sugarcane bagasse and straw) for this purpose reduces fossil-fuel CO² emissions in Brazil.

For more information, access Raízen’s Institutional ( and IR website (

Compass Gás e Energia

Compass Gás e Energia is Cosan’s company that operates and invests in four business segments, establishing itself as a complementary activity platform to explore the opportunities in the natural gas and energy sector in Brazil.

Compass is strategically focused on:

  • Distribution of natural gas, through Comgás, the largest piped natural gas company in the country in terms of volume;
  • Infrastructure and natural gas origination, accessing the competitive pre-salt gas offer and importing LNG (liquefied natural gas);
  • Natural gas commercialization, optimizing our supply and demand portfolio, creating diversification, flexibility, and competitiveness;
  • Thermal gas generation and power trading, transforming gas into electricity.

Learn more about Compass Gás e Energia.


One of Brazil’s largest lubricant companies, Moove is a global producer and distributor of Mobil, Comma and other professional brands. Cosan’s successful management model led the export of the company’s products to countries such as Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, United States, Spain, Scotland, England, Portugal, and France.

With a production capacity of 3.5 million barrels of oil/year, Moove has two manufacturing plants, one in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and another in Kent (England).

In Brazil, we focus on Mobil-brand lubricant production and distribution, distribution of base oils, and the Zip Lube franchise network specializing in automotive services. Abroad, we market the Mobil-brand products in South America and Europe, and under the Comma brand, we cover more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia.

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Today, Rumo is Latin America’s largest logistics operator. The company offers a wide range of services, with a modern and integrated intermodal transportation platform, operating with 18 terminals, including 6 ports and 12 transshipments, more than 1,000 locomotives and more than 25,000 railcars. Rumo manages more than 13,000 km of railways, running through the States TO, GO, MT, MS, SP, PR, SC, and RS), interconnecting production centers, consumer centers, and maritime ports.

Its railway concessions serve the three major agricultural-commodity export corridors, comprising an area accounting for approximately 80% of Brazil’s GDP and nearly 70% of total soybeans and corn produced in the country.

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Last update: March 2, 2021