Result with Purpose

Our purpose is to drive Brazil’s potential and, thus, we challenge conformity.

As a portfolio manager, we invest in businesses with irreplicable assets to boost Brazil’s areas of greatest vocation and potential, with assets in Renewable Energy, Agribusiness, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Carbon Credit.

Balancing audacity with responsibility, we add value to businesses and their operations, relying on one of the country’s best executive teams and an excellent management model.

We make it happen with Responsible Print Cosan: establishing sustainable relationships, with ethics and transparency, to create value for people, the country, and the world, in the pursuit of the best result now and in the long term.

Cosan. Making it Happen

Cosan Making It Happen

55 thousand collaborators

1st in energy transition

35 bioenergy parks

1.3 million hectares of agricultural areas

14 thousand km of railway lines

BRL 9 billion in natural gas investments

70% of the North American lubricants market