Cosan’s simplified structure focused on G of Governance

The year of 2021 began with a mission-accomplished feeling for our team at Cosan, owing to the successful conclusion of the simplification of our corporate structure, that unified the holdings in a single listed company. This deed underscores the maturity of our corporate governance allowing us to continue even stronger towards new achievements.

The operation merged Cosan Limited and Cosan Logística S.A. into Cosan S.A., consolidated the various free floats and increased the liquidity of our securities. Luis Henrique Guimarães, Cosan’s CEO, considers this process a “major milestone”.

Such restructuring increases the liquidity and unlocks value: we are now listed in IBRX50, besides gaining relevance at IBRX100 and IBOV, and although timing can be different for each company in our portfolio, we are preparing ourselves, for potential initial public offerings (IPO) of subsidiaries.

Economics, Environmental, Social, and Governance are our principles behind value creation. Sustainable capital allocation is our primary role as a holding and focusing our energy on creating value within and around our portfolio is the best way to deliver on that commitment.

Core values and principles guide us as a Group, but materiality for Cosan might be different from the materiality for each business, as shown in the image below.

We are committed to promoting ethical values throughout our teams, transparency in the way we manage our business, aligned with those values. Concentrating our energy in what is material is key and the results from the corporate reorganization prove it right.

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