Tender Offer

On March 26, 2021, Cosan S/A approved its new Share Buyback Program, valid for 18 months.

The shares acquired through the Share Buyback Program will remain in treasury for subsequent sale or cancellation.

Click here to access the Material Fact regarding the Share Buyback Program.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SHARES THAT CAN BE REPURCHASED IN THE PERIOD: 68,000,000 shares (representing approximately 3.63% of total shares and up to 5.89% of the Outstanding Shares)¹.
OUTSTANDING SHARES ON THIS DATE²: 1,154,397,012 shares
COMPANY’S PROFIT RESERVE: R$6,682,471 (in thousands)

Note 1: On April 30, 2021, the Company approved the split of common shares in a 1:4 ratio, increasing the number of approved buyback shares from 17 million to 68 million, without changing the total percentage.

Note 2: Considering the split held on April 30, 2021.


See below the summary of Issues and Cancellation of Shares:

Date Movement Common Shares % of Common Shares Approved by
02/22/2017 Capital Increase         610,000 0.15% Board of Directors
03/26/2019 Cancellation of Shares held in Treasury –   9,000,000 -2.21% Board of Directors
10/24/2019 Cancellation of Shares held in Treasury –   4,694,353 -1.18% Board of Directors
02/05/2021 Cancellation of Shares held in Treasury –   10,000,000 -2.13% Board of Directors


Last update: December 1, 2021