Moove’s Sustainability Report shares economic, social and environmental indices, as well as the company’s goals. This is another evidence of our commitment to best practices and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


With Brazilian origins and international operations, we are one of the largest producers and distributors of lubricants and basic oils in South America, also present in Europe and the United States.

At our plant in Rio de Janeiro, we produce and distribute lubricants under the Mobil brand throughout the national territory, in addition to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Focused on meeting all market demands, we sell lubricants and greases for applications in the automotive segment (light vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, buses and agricultural machinery) and industrials, leading the application of new technologies, synthetic products and ensuring productivity, efficiency and equipment performance in the main industry segments.

In Brazil, we are also the authorized distributor of basic oils imported from our strategic partner ExxonMobil (Groups I and II) and other relevant industry players. Currently, we stand out for our portfolio of premium lubricants and the position of largest importer of basic oils in the country.

In Europe, we distribute Mobil lubricants in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and France and, from our plant in England, we produce and market Comma Oil and private label lubricants in more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia.



2008 – Cosan Group acquires ExxonMobil’s assets in Brazil and starts production, sale, and distribution operations.

2011 – We started our activities abroad by purchasing exclusive distribution rights for Mobil lubricants in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. Thus, we became an authorized base oil distributor and consolidated a single portfolio, making us the largest importer of basic oils in the country.

2012 – With the acquisition of Comma brand operations in England, Moove starts to produce, sell, and distribute lubricants to more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia. And what do we offer at that time? Our portfolio includes a range of automotive chemical specialties: maintenance products (from greases to brake fluids), winter products (coolants, antifreeze, de-icer) and cleaning and car care.

2013 – Moove launches Zip lube, offering the market an exclusive franchise network specializing in quick automotive services, such as oil and filter change.

2015 – Moove sets up its lubricant oil distribution terminal at Ilha do Governador (RJ), a strategic unit for business evolution.

2016 – We transform the corporate visual identity. And we won another performance in Europe with the exclusive distribution of Mobil in Spain.

2017 – We started distributing Mobil to England and Scotland with the acquisition of WP Group operations.

2018 – This year, with the renewal of our contract with ExxonMobil, new growth opportunities arise. We won the operation in Argentina. In Europe, we continued our expansion plan with the acquisition of Lubrigrupo (Portugal) and TTA (France). And we entered the United States market with the acquisition of Metrolub.

2019 – CVC Capital Partners becomes a strategic partner of Moove.


Moove’s licensee in Brazil and other countries, such as England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, the Mobil brand is recognized worldwide for its leadership in premium automotive and industrial lubricants. Higher product quality and better technology result in benefits for customers, such as greater efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Learn more about our products: Click here.


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