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Moove’s Sustainability Report shares economic, social and environmental indices, as well as the company’s goals. This is another evidence of our commitment to best practices and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.


One of Brazil’s largest lubricant and base oil companies, Moove is a global producer and distributor of Mobil, Comma and professional brands.

In Brazil, we focus on Mobil-brand lubricant production and distribution, distribution of base oils, and the Zip lube franchise network specializing in automotive services. Abroad, we market Mobil-brand products in South America and Europe, and under the Comma brand, we cover more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia.

With a production capacity exceeding 400 million liters of oil per year in two manufacturing plants, one in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and another in Kent (England) and a deep expertise in the sector, we sell a complete portfolio of lubricants for a wide variety of segments (from automotive to industrial). We offer innovative solutions and high-performance products and services to the market. Moove is also engaged in the research and development of high-performance renewable base oils, focused on the global lubricants market.


  • Annual production capacity, including plants in Brazil and England: over 400 million liters of lubricants and chemical specialties.
  • Net revenue of R$2.1 billion/year (2017).
  • Approximately 600 employees, including Brazilian and international teams.
  • Mobil and Comma brands present in approximately 50 countries in South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Active promotion of brands and products in 20 countries, sponsored by several motor sports drivers and teams.
  • 80,000 points-of-sale in Brazil, with a network of 14 highly qualified exclusive distributors, strategically located to provide comprehensive coverage throughout the country.


2008 – Start of operations with the acquisition of ExxonMobil’s assets in Brazil, assuring continued access to the formulations and global advanced technologies of Mobil brand products.

2011 – Moove expands its operations abroad by acquiring Mobil lubricants’ exclusive distribution rights in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia. In addition to operating in the domestic market, Moove then starts exporting part of Brazilian production to these three neighboring countries.

2011 – By means of partnerships with ExxonMobil and S-Oil, Moove becomes an authorized distributor of base oil, the main raw material of lubricants, operating with paraffinic base oils of Groups I, II and III in Brazil.

2012 – By means of Comma acquisition, Moove expands its international footprint, entering into the European and Asian markets.

2013 – Moove launches Zip lube, offering the market an exclusive franchise network specializing in quick automotive services, such as oil and filter change.

2015 – Moove sets up its lubricant oil distribution terminal at Ilha do Governador (RJ), a strategic unit for business evolution.

2016 – Cosan Lubrificantes is launched as Moove in the marketplace.

2016 – Expanding upon its consolidated, successful and replicable business model, Moove reaches Spain.

2017 – Expansion by means of acquisition of the British company WP Group Fuels, becoming an authorized distributor of Mobil lubricants in the United Kingdom.

2018 – Period of rapid business expansion with acquisitions in Portugal, France, Argentina and the United States for Mobil-brand distribution.


Lubricant oil and grease protect engines and machine parts by reducing friction and attrition. These are essential products in the maintenance of the vehicles and equipment that drive industries.


Lubricants are composed of base oil, which can be mineral or synthetic, and additives (such as oxidation, rust and corrosion inhibitors, antifoam, detergents, and dispersants, amongst others). Basically, we have three types of lubricants: mineral (made with 100% fossil fuel base oil), semi-synthetic (produced with mineral and synthetic oils) and synthetic (laboratory-developed).


Moove’s licensee in Brazil and other countries, such as England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, the Mobil brand is recognized worldwide for its leadership in premium automotive and industrial lubricants. Higher product quality and better technology result in benefits for customers, such as greater efficiency, productivity, and reliability. Over the last five years, Mobil was the fastest-growing premium brand in Brazil, increasing from 11.5% to 18% market share in 2017. Learn more about our products: Click here.


Available in more than 40 countries in Europe and Asia, Comma offers a broad portfolio of lubricants and automotive specialties targeting passenger and commercial vehicles. Comma also has a strong presence in European motor sports and in day-to-day use by automotive lubrication experts and professionals. Learn more about Comma brand: Click here.


The base oil is lubricant oil’s main raw material, directly influencing the quality and performance of the finished product. Constantly evolving, engines and machines increasingly require greater efficiency, boosting the demand for base oil advanced technologies.

Moove is the authorized distributor in Brazil of base oil imported from US ExxonMobil (Groups I and II) and the South Korean S-Oil (Group III). The company consolidated a unique portfolio and became Brazil’s largest base oil importer, with strategic facilities located in Brazil’s two major lubricant-producing markets: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


Base oil – Group I (ExxonMobil)

Base oil – Group II (ExxonMobil)

Base oil – Group III (S-Oil)


In the Brazilian market since 2013, Zip lube is a franchise network specializing in quick automotive services such as oil, filters, fluids, and batteries. With more than 40 operating units, Zip lube is present in the States of São Paulo, Ceará, Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul, with an aggressive expansion plan in Brazil. For additional information on the roster of services or how to become a franchisee, click here.


In order to maintain a standard of excellence, Moove relies upon an Operations Management Integrated System (Sigo), which defines the guidelines to ensure safe and flawless operations. Attention must be paid from the arrival of base oil, to production to quality routines, controls, storage, and distribution. Ideal performance focused on sustainable relationships involves suppliers, customers, distribution partners, and the community.


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