Awards and Recognition

We have no doubt that Cosan’s success is mainly due to our commitment to our values, our top-notch team, and our relentless pursuit of sustainable growth in our operations. Below, we are pleased to share the achievements reached with the talent and determination of our professionals:


  • Cosan: 1st place in the “Best in Sector” ranking (Energy) and 32nd place in the “Maiores & Melhores” overall ranking
  • Cosan: 6th place among the 1000 largest companies in the “Valor 1000” ranking by Examem Magazine
  • Cosan: One of the 13 Brazilian companies mentioned among 418 companies worldwide in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index
  • Cosan: Honorable mention in the category of Risk Management, Internal Controls and Compliance Structure of the 24th Abrasca Annual Report Award
  • Cosan: 37th place in the overall ranking of “Melhores da Dinheiro” Magazine


  • Cosan: 8th place among the 1000 largest companies of Valor 1000, Exame
  • Cosan: 54th place in the General Ranking of the Largest and Best


  • Cosan: 7th place in the ranking of the 500 best in net revenue, Época Negócios 360º Award
  • Cosan: Luis Henrique Guimarães, CEO of Cosan, was elected executive of the year in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry category by Valor Econômico
  • Raízen: 1st place in the fuel, oil and gas sector, Melhores da Dinheiro
  • Raízen: highlighted in the financial sustainability, innovation and quality, social responsibility, and corporate governance categories by ISTOÉ Dinheiro Magazine
  • Raízen: 4th place in the ranking of the 500 largest companies by net revenue, Época Negócios 360º Award
  • Rumo: 1st place in the Infrastructure sector in the People and Vision of the Future dimensions, and 2nd place in Innovation and Sustainability in the Época Negócios 360º Award


  • Raízen: ranked among the 25 best companies to work for in Brazil, Linkedin Top Companies
  • Raízen: ranked among the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Brazil, Forbes Rumo: 1st place in innovation in the Infrastructure sector of the Época Negócios 360º Yearbook
  • Comgás: recognized as one of the Companies that most Respect Consumers, Consumidor Moderno Magazine
  • Comgás: received the international award for excellence in employee safety, the Safety Achievement Award, from the American Gas Association (AGA)

Last update: April 10, 2023