Luis Henrique Guimarães Luis Henrique Guimarães CEO

We believe in EESG concept. Adding the “E” of Economics as the fourth pillar of sustainability. Sustainability is a broad concept but when we think about it, we think about values and management. Values are the principles that have always guided our actions. Management means assuring we put our execution capabilities at the service of our values.

We have many challenges and uncertainties ahead of us. However, our companies are leaders in their respective sectors and drive the transformation towards a clean energy future and a more efficient and reliable logistics in Brazil, helping our customers decarbonize their operations and activities.

Our commitment to Sustainable Development

We reviewed our materiality matrix, listening to a wide range of stakeholders to come up with a list of material topics, seeking, above all, alignment with our strategic agenda, and quantifying our commitments to Sustainable Development

Our Approach

We are Cosan, a holding company committed to the development of Brazil, which has been increasingly investing in integrated logistics and diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix.

Our Aprroach is Entrepreneurial, Ethical, Empathetic and Encouraging. These are the 4 E’s that have driven us over the last 80 years. Our Approach moves the daily routine of industries and people, and it is reflected in the work of almost 40,000 professionals who dream and chase their goals to make a difference.

Indexes we participate in


Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards – Essential option –, including indicators from the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and also our action plan for each of the 11 recommendations issued by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), as part of our commitment to make progress along this path.

Watch here the ESG Webinar, held in 2020, when we made public our commitments to sustainable development.

Mobilization due to Covid-19

Our priority has always been to ensure the safety and preserve the health of our teams. In 2020, we reaffirmed this commitment by always placing people first, while at the same time seeking to assure the continuity of our essential operations.

We installed crisis committees from the beginning – bringing talents together and compounding the effort from all of our businesses – and these committees have been meeting diligently and in an organized way to assess all externalities related to the evolution of Covid-19 and to coordinate actions. We adopted a contingency plan to ensure the physical and mental health of our employees, as well as the safety and continuity of our operations, keeping close contact with authorities, suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders.

We were one of the first business group to make a public commitment to preserve our workforce during the pandemic, in line with our priority of looking after our main asset – people. Our administrative teams moved to a work-from-home system, and we adapted our facilities and processes to ensure the integrity of the professionals who are required to be in the field. Moreover, employees within the Covid-19 risk group were instructed to adopt specific social distancing, care, and monitoring measures. Each operation managed their own action and communication plans regarding safety at the workplace, within their units, and on the streets.

And we didn’t just look within. We sprang into action from the outset by placing our capacity for contribution, management and execution at the service of society, to help mitigate the impacts of the pandemic. Donations by our group already amount to more than R$ 25 million, and were mainly designated to hospitals and health crews, and neighboring communities to our operations.

We know that there is no way to predict when the Covid-19 pandemic will actually come to an end, but we remain confident in our ability to care for people and drive sustainable development in Brazil.

Click here to download our 2020 sustainability report