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Sustainability is a broad concept. For us at Cosan, when we think about sustainability, we think about values and management. Values are the principles that have always guided our actions. Management means assuring we put our execution capabilities at the service of our values, balancing risk and return, investments and capital discipline, agility and consistency, efficiency and safety, present and future. The present is full of challenges, but with discipline and consistency, now is the time to look into the future! Opportunities will certainly emerge in the aftermath of this global crisis. As far as history tells, crisis usually either drive or accelerate major changes. What we have seen so far makes us believe that those are positive changes, rising the importance of thinking longer term and with greater awareness on the role of our portfolio in fostering the sustainable development of Brazil. Our companies are leaders in their respective areas of activity, therefore driving transformation towards a clean energy future and a more efficient and reliable logistic in Brazil. Reinforcing our commitment to this future, we made public our 10 commitments to sustainable development, in line with the United Nations’ (UN) agenda and 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We are committed to pursuing those targets through concrete and well-structured actions across all companies of our portfolio until 2030.

10 Commitments to Sustainable Development

For the first time, we disclose our 10 commitments to sustainable development correlated with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our commitments are aligned with our values, which prioritize contributing to the development of a fair, ethical and equal society, which are reflected in our goals.

Cosan’s Way

Cosan’s way moves the daily routine of industries and people, and it is reflected in the work of almost 40,000 professionals who dream and chase their goals to make a difference. |GRI 102-7|

We are Cosan, a holding committed to the development of Brazil, which has been increasingly investing in integrated logistics and diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix.

We operate with a focus on maintaining the consistency of policies and communicating the best practices in our business platform and our companies, Raízen, Comgás, Moove, and Rumo, which operate with the necessary autonomy to maintain leading positions in their segments. |GRI 102-1|

Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Empathy, and Encouragement are the 4 E’s that have driven us over the last 80 years, a history written with solid results and shared with shareholders, clients, and local communities.

Sustainability Report

In 2020, we published our 7th Sustainability Report (2019 ASR) to employees, partners, clients, investors, and other stakeholders, reaffirming our principles of transparency and accountability. |GRI 102-40, 102-52|

This publication reports the operational performance of our businesses and our consolidated financial result referring to the period from January 1st to December 31, 2019. |GRI 102-45, 102-50|

This document also seeks to evidence our businesses’ contribution to the growth of the country across the economic, environmental, social and governance pillars because we want our portfolio companies to play a leading role in sustainable development in their respective sectors. We also always allocate capital in line with our commitment to creating sustainable and long-term value.

Per the International Financial Reporting Standards, we continue to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Standard version (Core option) guidelines. |GRI 102-54|

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Approach to COVID-19 crisis

As a result of the extensive spread of COVID-19, the WHO declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020.

We have always considered health and safety to be essential values, which is why we are currently adopting a contingency plan aimed at preserving the physical and mental health of our employees while continuing essential operations. We have kept in close contact with authorities, suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders. Since the inception of the crisis, we set up crisis committees that have been diligently working to determine appropriate strategies, provide status updates and assess possible impacts on each business.

We pioneered in Brazil the commitment to not lay off employees at this moment. We also transitioned our administrative employees to home-based work at all of our portfolio companies. All facilities and processes were fine-tuned to preserve the physical integrity of field professionals to guarantee the continuation of essential services. Moreover, employees in the risk group of Covid-19 were instructed to adopt specific social distancing, care, and monitoring measures. Each operation conducted its action and communication plan on safety at the workplace, in units, and on the streets. The group donated R$17 million mainly to hospitals and health professionals, communities nearby our operations, and truck drivers, who provide essential services to the country and cannot stop working.

To learn more about our initiatives, access the full version of our Sustainability report.

Click here to download our Sustainability report for 2019