Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Here, the differences come together for our best

Valuing plurality and encouraging inclusion are essential to reaffirm the potential of people, which in practice, represent our strong entrepreneurial culture.

Our differential is that we are capable of transform potential into power, and this is only possible due to plural teams that lives in an environment that values multiple identities, stories, trajectories and experiences.

At Cosan, we learn and improve every day on how to value different perspectives, and above all, create an environment where each person finds their place as a protagonist.


In 2021, a group of professionals from different teams across Cosan organically engaged in the theme of diversity. Thus was born Plural Powers. Supported by leadership, the initiative operates on four major fronts or affinity groups: Gender, Black People, LGBTQIAP+ and Generations & People with Disabilities.

Check out the purpose of each group in the next images:


It aims to expand gender perspectives and raise awareness about the fact that everyone is an agent of change, empowering and mobilizing men and women.


The group’s mission is support Black people in holding important positions at Cosan, including leadership positions, by creating a space for literacy and recognition.


To promote the inclusion and sense of belonging of LGBTQIAPN+ people and build a safe environment for living and existing, and assuring respect so that everyone can express themselves and expand the varied ways of living.


Aims to raise awareness in our environments about accessibility through initiatives focused on PwD and generations agenda, which involve attraction, hiring and development.

Highlights in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion!

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